Plastic dip moulded handles and plastic grips can come in many shapes, colours and sizes:

  • round hand grips, generally used on tubes or bars
  • hanger grips, generally used on a range of tools
  • flat grips to fit rectangular bars that are commonly used on tools, ball valves, and levers…
  • sleeves

PVC dip moulded caps are useful to protect your product against impacts and transport damage or to simply make your product more attractive.

Plasti-Tremp can offer plastic caps of any type, from PVC square caps, to long caps, vinyl end caps or angle caps. We adapt your needs to the final product:

In 2014, Plasti-Tremp acquired L’Atelier Beaulieu. They are specialized in handles and plastic caps.

Our subsidiary company offers a wide range of handles, tips, caps, plugs... and posses injection moulding machines.

More information on L’Atelier de Beaulieu

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