PVC grommets and dip moulded grommets are used to protect your electrical wiring, your hydraulic pipes, your hoses….  

Plasti-Tremp is a manufacturer of PVC grommets, for all areas of the industry. Plasti-Tremp manufactures high-quality PVC grommets according to your needs, in various sizes and materials to meet your specific application requirements, with low tooling costs. Our range of grommets is manufactured using superior quality material following the standards and norms of the industry.

These grommets can easily be made to meet your custom dimensions and unique requirements. We are able to manufacture grommets in a variety of shapes, including:

  • Oval Grommets
  • Rectangular Grommets 
  • Oblong Grommets
  • Round Grommets

If you are looking for a non-standard grommet, made-to-measure moulding or either you don't know which grommet is adapted to your needs, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and produce the grommet that is ideal for you.

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